Monday, 5 December 2011

End of November Update

Well I kind of forgot it was the end of November, despite the fact I do have an advert calendar. So I'll have to cheat a little and count the 4th of December as the last day in November. Not that it makes much difference to the overall picture. It has been a very poor year with my betting exploits and the month of November was another losing month to the tune of £136.34. My system haven't been doing that badly, my own ill-discipline once again seems to be the undoing of me with silly mistakes like trying to trade horse racing when I know I can't or trading on football matches with poor liquidity.

I'm sure I've said it a few times but I feel like I need time away, to go back to the drawing board if you like (I do not own a drawing board). But you get the idea, maybe some time away to have a recap on what I've been doing both wrongly and rightly. I'll continue with my obvious "good" or sounds methods of betting like my horse racing systems (between them netted me around £1,500 this year) and I'll carry on with my £10 challenge which seems to be more or less standing still (but they do say that's the first step in gambling, breaking even). I'll continue with my weekly update but won't have too much to say I don't think. I shall re asses and look at new betting options for the remainder of the year as well as scrutinising closely my existing methods. By my end of year update I should have a fully picture of what I'm doing. In the mean time I'm doing some volunteering work at present, nobody seemingly wants to give me a paid job so boasting my CV working for free was a recommended route for myself.