Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The End of June

System selections ended the day in a small loss and as a result the month ended in a small for these selections. There was only one winner today but I managed to get on at 16/1.

16:40 Worcester ALFADORA B365 17.00

I'm going to update my profit figures for both system selections at the end of each month, the updates will be present in the relevant sidebar on my blog. These enables you to see how this system is progressing and how I'm doing overall in my betting adventures which covers a wide range of systems and picks which mostly involve horse racing and football. I've also included my previous months performance in the overall figures which I've calculated each month but not previously shared.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The system bounces back

First of all a quick mention of the World Cup. The Quarter-finals are now finalised after today's game, not going that great in a betting sense but I'm looking forward to the Argentina/Germany and Holland/Brazil game especially.

Back to system selections and a very good start to the week with Monday and Tuesday both being profitable days. These days have put the system back into overall profit to the tune of £3.79.

Mondays' Winners

15:45 Pontefract PRETTY BONNIE SBET 6.50
20:10 Windsor ARCHIE RICE BFAIR 13.00

Tuesday's Winners

17:00 Brighton HIGHLAND HARVEST TOTE 8.00
19:40 Stratford OSCAR ROYAL BFAIR 12.16

I could have got better with the price of Oscar Royal, it was available at 16/1 with most bookmakers earlier in the day but I decided to leave some unmatched at a bigger price on Betfair but unfortnatley never got matched and I had to settle for Betfair SP instead which was a poor price compared to the 16/1 I could have got.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Goal-line technology and dodgy linesmen

I said the World Cup games today had all the hallmarks of being brilliant games, in a sense they were both brilliant games but over-shadowed by FIFA's failure to implement technology in football. Some would argue it's wrong decisions and human mistakes that make football such a huge talking point, but surely on the World's biggest stage mistakes like we saw today shouldn't be made. I'm by no means a bitter England fan but everybody knows that Frank Lampard's shot bounced back of the crossbar and clearly went over the line and in the later game Carlos Tevez was clearly offside for Argentina's first goal. There's no doubting that both Argetina and Germany deserved the progress to the quarter-finals as they were clearly the better teams in their relevant games but there will always be that "what if..." thoughts in th emids fo England and Mexico fans alike. Goals totally change the dynamics of game and I'm afriad we'll never know how thoose game smight have turne dout had the correct decision be made. Hopefully these two incidents will spark FIFA into going down the technologic route, but I certainly wouldn't bet on it.

That brings me nicely onto system selections. Unfortnatley today procuded not once single winner and the system dropped into a loss overlal for the first time. Here's the overall statistics so far:

System Selections Performance Update (Week 2)
Starting Balance £1,000.00
Current Balance £959.17
P/L -£40.83

Total Staked £811.19
Total Returned £770.36
ROI 94.97%

No. Of Bets 180
Wins 23
Lost 157
Strike Rate 12.78%

I'm operating a rachet staking plan which does somewhat exaggerate losses when they occur but when it also ensure greater profit when the winners arrive. Dissapointing end to the week but like I've said before this system has shown profit in the long-term and I'm confident it will bounceback, after all I've only been following it for just over a week so far.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Uruguay and Ghana progress

Two interesting and enjoyable matches from the World Cup today. A magnificient strike from Suarez won the game for Uruguay and a battling performance from Ghana saw them score a winning goal in extra time against the USA. Really looking forward to tommorrow's games as well, should both be crackers.

Onto the system selections and another losing day to report unforntately, the total loss came to £65.25. With there only being two winners from a good number of Saturday selections.

14:55 Windsor THE RECTIFIER B365 6.00
16:15 Newcastle KING OF AQUATIANE TOTE 5.00

Still in overall profit despite three losing days on the bounce, full update to come tommorrow (weekly update).

Friday, 25 June 2010

The knockout stages are imminent

This is when the World Cup really starts to hot up when the knockout stages start tommorrow. 2006's winners, Italy and finalists France have both been sent packing and there's a large South American presence amongst the last 16. The World Cup started off slowly but some of the later group games have been really entertaining as teams have started to open up. I'll obviously be cheering on England but I just hope for some enjoyable football matches from these last 16 games.

Back to systems selections, unfornatley there's been two losing days in a row and the bank as dropped by £76.31 but the system remains nicely in profit and the rachet staking system is in place which means the stakes remain at £4.66.

Thursday's Winners

15:55 Newcastle LADY ÉCLAIR SKY 2.25
15:45 Goodwood SEXTONS HOUSE WHILL 5.50

Friday's Winners

19:15 Chester ANOTHER MAGIC MAN WHILL 13.00

In my early days in betting I use to get frustrated with losing bets and losing days. But as I've become more accomplished and disciplined in my betting I've learnt that losing days are just something you've got to accept. It's all about the long-term view and as long as you've got a sound method of selections (as the results of this system have shown) you will be profitable in the long-term but there's always the possibility of losing days, losing weeks and maybe even a rare losing month. If you can't get your head around that logic then betting may not be for you.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It's England v Germany in the last 16!

Some enjoyable World Cup football today, I say enjoyable but it was more like pure tension watching the England game. We did manage to come through the game and win 1-0 although with the chances we had it could have been a lot more but thankfully we held out for the win. We will meet the Germans in the last 16 on Sunday afternoon. It as all the hallmarks of being a cracking game, can't wait.

Elsewhere back with system selections and a profit for the day of £9.26. There was actually 21 selections but only 2 winners today, but when the winners are priced at 12/1 and 9/1 it makes all the difference.

15:15 Salisbury MAHADEE LAD 13.00
21:20 Kempton SHAMIR CORAL 10.00

Bank reaches a new high point as a result and stakes go upto £4.66 for tommorrow.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Monday and Tuesday Update

System selections for Monday saw a small loss of just under £9 which equates to about two staking points. However today (Tuesday) saw another very good day with a profit of £25.14 for the day to £4.57 stakes per bet. Two of the three winners today came at Newton Abbot including 12/1 shot Blacktoft.

Mondays' Winners

15:30 Wolves ADMIN VC 11.00
16:45 Lingfield JUTLAND LAD 4.50

Tuesday's Winners

18:20 Newbury GHUFA LAD 6.00
19:35 Newton Abbot BLACKTOFT WHILL 13.00
20:40 Newton Abbot WILLIAM BUTLER BFRED 5.50

This takes the overall profit from backing these system selections beyond £150 and since I've reached a new bank high point stakes are re-calculated and one point is now £4.63.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A good weekend all round

It was a decent enough weekend all round for me. The system selections highlighted another couple of nice-priced winners on Saturday including another Royal Ascot winner and a 12/1 shot at Lingfield, this meant a profit of just over £60 from £4.25 stakes per selection. For Sunday there was only six selections with just the one winner meaning a small half a point loss for the day.

Saturday's Winners

14:55 Redcar SIMPLE JIM B365 4.00
17:05 Newmarket SPACE WAR TOTE 3.75
15:50 Ascot STARSPANGLEDBANNER B365 9.00
15:55 Newmarket RUSSIAN ROCK B365 7.50
18:50 Lingfield GRUDGE LAD 5.50
19:20 Lingfield ROMAN GLORY WHILL 13.00
20:35 Haydock THABIT B365 4.00

Sunday's Winner

17:20 Hereford AJMAN TOTE 5.50

As promised here's the end of week results, although this is my first week of following these system selections and I've only done so for three days. But the results are already rather impressive.

System Selections Performance Update (Week 1)
Starting Balance £1,000.00
Current Balance £1,140.69
P/L £140.69

Total Staked £218.17
Total Returned £358.86
ROI 164.49%

No. Of Bets 52
Wins 11
Lost 41
Strike Rate 21.15%

Elsewhere my World Cup bets seemed to have hit a good patch at last, with me getting four out of five selecitons right over the weekend including three out of three today. You can follow all my World Cup bets on my blogabet page.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

System Selections and World Cup madness

System Selections (Day One)

I started following selections from Systems Selections yesterday and it get off to a great start. With 3 winners from 19 selections. The winners were:

13:50 Musselburgh RALEIGH QUAY CORAL 7.50
17:35 Ascot TREADWELL STAN 17.00

Above shows selections as well as the bookmaker where the bet was placed and price achieved. First of all I should have really added I'm starting with a bank of £1,000 and splitting that bank into 250points, one point per bet. Therefore I started off with £4 bets on each of the selections yesterday. The new stake level is calculated at the end of each day and a rachet staking plan is adapted, i.e. increase stakes if bank reaches new high point and keep stakes the same if not.

Yesterday's selections yielded £62 profit to £4 stakes, obviously every day isn't going to be as successful as this but it was undoubtley a great start. Stakes are therefore now increased to £4.25 per selection. I plan to fully update with all performance stats at the end of each week (every Sunday).

World Cup Update

Elsewhere there was plenty of madness in the World Cup not least a German missing a penalty and losing. Followed by an enjoyable match between Slovenia/USA before the highly unenjoyable England performance as they couldn't find a way past Algeria. Sill in England's own hands but worrying signs if last night's performance anything to go by. Hopeful of some more good games to enjoy today, backed Ghana and Denmark today although with the way results are going at the minute the World Cup is becoming very difficult to predict.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The World Cup and a New Venture

Been a bit hit and miss with my World Cup betting thus far, around 2 pts down (to 1pt level staking plan). Nigeria going down to men when in total control of the game just about summed up my luck so far in this tournament, plenty of games to go yet and I'm only following these World Cup bets with small stakes. You can follow my World Cup bets on my blogabet account if you wish to do so. I'll be back for the new Premier League season and I'll be posting my selections up on this blog as well.

I've also had the fortune of being offered a new venture in a very promising horse racing system out there. The selections in question come from System Selections and I'm looking forward to following these selecitons and hopefully earning some nice profit as a result. I'll also be blogging my progress of backing these selections.