Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This Is The End

I did initially state that I'd blog up until the end of the year but I feel that now is the right time to end my blog. I'm afraid to say my motivation for all things gambling as dwindled a lot recently. This was summed up somewhat yesterday when I totally forget I'd left an unmatched bet with the intention to trade later. Lucky the bet won and therefore I'm actually roughly back even for the year but that was somewhat besides the point really.

My activities have more or less come to a stand still for now. I may some time in the future regain my motivation to try and pursue gambling and be profitable. But at the moment my focus just isn't there and I think it would be somewhat detrimental for me to continue for the time being. In addition it's not just gambling that I have seemed to have lost motivation in to be honest. To put it bluntly I seem a bit lost at present, I don't really know what I want to do with my life. I've been constantly applying for jobs but had no look. Secretly perhaps I was always hoping I wouldn't need to find a job and could pursue the dream of living off gambling.

So to conclude I hope all the people that took time to read my blog at any point enjoyed my input and hopefully took something positive from my insight. The big question I started this blog with was whether it was possible to be a profitable gambler and possible make a living from doing so. In fits and starts I've shown that there was/is profitable methods out there if your willing to look hard enough and put in the work. But the harsh psychological effects gambling can have on a person makes it very difficult to do this and maintain the required discipline and consistency of thought to do so. For me the advice for any budding gamblers out there is simply to pursue gambling as something serious but something leisurely, I think I made the mistake of treating as a possible full-time earner when in fact I feel the best way to approach it is to set a small amount aside and any profit earnt is simple a little extra spending money.

One great irony of my time gambling is that I've come to the conclusion that money doesn't really mean all that much to me anymore. Sure you need enough to live off adequately, but beyond that I don't think I really see much appeal in having massive wads of money. For me the joy of gambling was the intellectual game against the bookmaker or against other people (in the case of betting exchange). It just so happened that this game took place using knowledge from areas I follow intensely, i.e. sports. That was always the appeal, yes I wanted to make money from gambling but the large part of the enjoyment was in the challenge and also in the watching of the sport. I don't think that appeal just disappears but it feels like that at the present. Perhaps one day it will return but with heavily limited accounts and the scars from my previous venture I think any future gambling would only ever be a part-time pursuit.

I don't plan to delete the blog by the way, it will still be here until whenever it gets taken down. One day I'll probably read back through it all with a smile on my face. It was an adventure and I'm sure there's plenty of good advice mixed in there too.

My email is, I plan to seize using that address soon. If you want or need to contact me for any reason please do so at that address within the next week or so if you want to make sure I read it.

Well that's it 29 months of blogging and this is the end. I bid you farewell.