Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Premier League is back!

After a summer of dissapointment for English football in South Africia, I'm glad to see the English Premier League return this weekend. For my selections this season I've decided to simply post my selections up on my blog page here whilst full explanation for my selections will be avaiable on my blogabet page.

This week's selections:

Bolton v Fulham
Bolton (-0.25) @ 1.93 (Pinnacle)

Sunderland v Birmingham
Sunderland @ 2.30 (Stan James)

Wolves v Stoke City
Under 2.25 goals @ 1.85 (188bet)

Liverpool v Arsenal
Arsenal (+0.25) @ 1.77 (188bet)

Meanwhile my horse racings bet continue to do well and my Big Brother situation is looking a lot brighter than it was a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully my Premier League selections can be another profitable element in my betting venture.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Alll the money for Pepper

Anybody out there who still follows the Big Brother market (far and few between juding by the liquidity on Betfair) will have seen today's major plunge on the recent addition to the house in Sam Pepper. His intial entry into the house and first few days didn't seem to indicate he'd be staying around for long as housemates continued to talk about putting him for eviction. But since then he's grown more popular within the house and if the polls are anything to go by he's really popular outside the house and even though he's up for eviciton this week he should very welll stay.

I was initally unsure about his winning potential, but that changed after last night's show and I was sure that the 7/1 available with some bookmakers was too good to turn down. Stuck £200 on a couple of seperate bookmakers as well reducing my red greatly on him at Betfair at 8.4 all the way down to 7.8. This was last night and when I came to re-check the market tonight I see Sam Pepper is favourite! and trading at sub 2/1 on Betfair and with the bookmakers. Looks like I got on at just the right time. Still got big liability on Steve and Corin, although thankfully the Corin train and her support seems to be dwendling with Sam the new darling on the house. Got medium red on Josie which I'd ideally like to reduce a little, but my biggest green still remains on John James, who I still think is in with a decent chance of winning and probably is the only bit of value out there currentley trading at close to 10.0 on Betfair. Still got big greens on the outsiders in Dave, Andrew and Mario who I still feel have a little time to gain suppoort and maybe make it to the final night and offer a possible trading option. JJ or JJ2 as he's mostly known has got very little chance of winning and I've traded off some of the green on him as he's the least likely out of the outsiders to gain support with John James being a very similiar HM.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Over-due July update and my Big Brother betting

Sorry my end of July update is a bit late but I'm glad to report July was the best month of my betting career thus far. With a rather impressive profit of £2,093.55 for the month, this takes my overall profit for the year to £4,694.56. The main driver for profit this month where my horse racing laying and backing systems which have all been doing really well. I hope to push on for the reminder of the year with the main European football season starting in August, I'll hopefully have plenty of football bets to supplement my horse racing bets.

Elsewhere my Big Brother book is looking a bit of a shambles at the minute I must admit. Massive red of the evens favourite Corin who I honestly can't see winning. I've got around £3k liability on her at present which isn't exactly ideal. I could have traded out at various points but that opporuntity has been missed and if anything I would lay more at the current price. Big eviction this Friday with John James (probably my most likely green) up for eviciton and worrying 2nd favourite ina three way eviciton between him, Rachel and Dave. Go massive Greens on Mario, Dave, JJ and Andrew who I hope will at some point dorp in price so I can trade off and reduce my liability on Corin. Elsewhere I also have big reds on Steve and newcomer Sam and I'm currentley in the process of changing my small green on Josie into a red. I'll try and update my Big Brother side panel as much as possible with my latest situation, although it does change frequentley. Just to add I've been profitable in all the previous Big Brother's I've bet on, although I seem to be in a bit of pickle with this series, still plenty of time to try and turn it around though, a Corin blow-up or walkout would do wonders (although highly unlikely).