Sunday, 27 May 2012

An Update!

First and foremost thanks for all the comments on my previous post, it's nice to know that somebody at least may be benefiting from my blog and that you are so willing to offer advice.

I've not updated in ages so I'll firstly round of April which came in with a profit of £252.24, although I admit this was mostly down to luck rather than any sort of wisdom I think. (bad trading, lucky profits)

With the first week of May came the end of the Premier League football season and thus my football bets. Here's a graph displaying my performance since the start of February to season end.

So ended up with £25.66 profit from a starting bank of £100. The profit yield was a fairly healthy 6.29% and the average price taken with my selections was almost exactly evens (2.017). I'm happy enough with that, I watch a lot of Premier League football but the season before I didn't finish the season profitable so the knowledge itself doesn't always guarantee you'll turn a profit. Think some of the key themes I noticed this season was teams like Liverpool & Chelsea where continuously under-price given the poor rum of form both teams endured during the season. In addition backing Newcastle every game would have surely given you a nice profit, they where often over-priced presumably because they performed a lot better and maintained for the large part their good form throughout the entire season.

Right my future plans now. Well it is gambling related but not exactly outright gambling as such. Some people may say it's a little bit boring and maybe not in the spirit of the gambling game. But I've recently being taking full advantage of any bookmakers offers and also taking advantage of differing price lines between both bookmaker Vs. bookmaker and bookmaker Vs. exchange. I've been doing it for the last month and turning over a decent profit without having to do anything spectacular. I admit the work involved can be time-consuming but I'm quietly enjoying it. It keeps me in the gambling world and as a result I'm getting an even closer look at how prices shift and change at various times. I'm also looking at maybe developing an horse racing systems out of any reoccurring prices patterns I may come across.

That's keeping me fairly busy at present, as well as watching the England/West Indies cricket (no betting/trading on it though). I'm also looking forward to the Euro 2012 which is rapidly approaching. I'll be having a few bets there no doubt, although I didn't do that well with my bets at the last World Cup, hopefully that taught me some lessons that I can put into practice. I shall update again just before the tournament starts with an end of May update where I shall give my views on the tournament.