Monday, 28 November 2011


Cliche it may be but sometimes it's true that certain events really do put your current life into perspective. The very sad news I awoke to on Sunday morning about Gary Speed did just that. Such a tragic loss at a relative young age. Has odd as it may sound deaths among football personaltities always seem to hit me hardest, always difficult in these times to find the words to sum up how you feel but there's been some wonderful tributes I've read that sum it up better than I ever could. My condoleses go out to his family and friends.

On what seems something of an irrevelant sidenote, my betting adventures led me to a loss of £86.89 this week. A few errors along the way and no horse racing systems winners took care of that. Still a few days of Novemeber remaining, has been a relative quite month but looks like it may end in a loss.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Time Management & Organisation

By no means the most exciting topics in any walk of life by things that are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed. The world of gambling is no different, the best gamblers out there not only have a very good edge but they also have very good organisation and time management. It may seem simple at times but little things like knowing what time games kick-off and what TV channel they are on. Collecting all those little nuggets of information in quick time is vitally important so you can concentrate on your picks. At times it feels like I spend far too much time on the admin side of my gambling, updating records, placing bets and so forth. But these are things that need doing successful if you want to be successful. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for all of us (well for the time being at least) our time on earth is limited, therefore our time is a precious commodity and we must treat it as one.

Procrastination I admit myself is an easy trap to fall in but you must fight against it, for if you get the work done quicker you'll have more time to yourself anyway. It is always best to task quickly and efficiently than dwindle your way through it slowly.

Anyway enough of my ironic ramblings about procrastination and onto this week's round-up. Well it was an interesting week, plenty of bets and action and managed to turn a profit of £30.11, which I've got to be pleased with. The end of November is approaching quickly now, been a bit of slow month in truth but hopefully I'll end it with a profit.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Being Lazy Doesn't Pay

As it turns out I missed a winner on Sunday because I was being a little lazy. Thought I had plenty time to wake up around noon get my usually bacon butty and place any bets whilst watching the Grand Prix build-up. Turns out that proved a minor slip-up by myself, as I said I went onto miss a winner, the saving grace I suppose was that it wasn't a massive priced winner, that really would have made me angry with myself. Note to self Horse Racing starts earlier since the clocks changed, understandably due to the swift darkness that descends mid-afternoon during winter. Think it gets to something ridiculous like horse racing at 11am as the winter dawns on. Although I should really check what time meeting start the day before, organisation or not being sloppy and lazy must rank just behind discipline and staking plans on the gambling must do list.

This week was quite slowl on the betting front considering there wasn't much football action. Ended up playing a few games of poker this week, did rather well in fact. I get bored with poker easily at times, it is a fascinating game and I believe I could be very good at it if I tried. But playing for small stakes is very different to playing for big stakes, I've set aside £5 for my poker balance and I usually just play cheap SNGs and see how far I get. It looks a lot more glamorous when you see major events on TV, although it must be noted they only show the most interesting or exciting hands on TV whilst cutting out the uneventful hands which make up 90% of the game of poker. It also takes a lot of time up, you cna play trubo games but I feel that becomes more of a lottery at times. Playing the normal slow types of SNGs can take anything from an hour upwards. Playing multi-tables is the way a lot of people go, but I tried that before and it didn't go so well.

Anyway this is my weekly round-up and I managed a loss of £2.75 this week. I did stupidly try to get back into horse racing trading this week, which flopped again predictably. I really should stay away and stick to football. My last 3 months of Betfair P/L show why I should concentrate my efforts on football bets and trading.

My Last 3 Months P/L - Betfair

Monday, 7 November 2011


Managed to come away from this week with a small profit of £6.96. My £10 challenge still going strong although I don't post all my bets on Betfair in there. Doesn't make sense to post every single trade and in-play bets as I place them because there's just to many and sometimes I change my position in matches.

My weekly Betfair P/L

Just been getting into the routine of Premier League at weekends and the Champions League/Europa League midweek. Whilst I'm not turning over huge amounts I think I'm doing a decent job in these football markets. Internationals some competitive, some friendlies to follow this week.