Wednesday, 28 July 2010

An Announcement

Sorry to say I'll be unable to follow system selections fully and therefore I'm stopping following them and posting them on my blog has it would only show an untrue and unfair view of the system. The main reason is that I'm going to be unable to be at the computer at the time required each day to place the selections (which is usually around 12am till 1pm). I'm still just about able to place my other horse racing bets early in the morning. Will be even more difficult in Septmeber when I'm back at University in which cases I've sometimes got to miss out on certain bets which is obviously not ideal. Id like to thank Andrew for giving me the opportunity to follow his selections and I do highly recommend his system, it never really hit full potential whilst I followed it but the past results are clear to see on his website.

My blog will continue, the football season is just around the corner and I'll be posting my Premiership selections up on here just like last season. Meanwhile I may post a few update son my Big Brother betting process, more on that later. Also July update to come soon, it has been a very good month thus far.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wednesday and Thursday update

A number of winners but from a good number of selections means that the system is still in profit but slightly down from the point it was at before the two days selections.

Wednesday's Winners

18:15 Leicester SKY FALCON VC 9.50
21:00 Leicester INCENDO STAN 5.00

Thursday's Winner

18:30 Folkestone DADDYS GIFT STAN 6.00
19:05 Folkestone OUR WAY ONLY B365 4.50

Overall profit is at present £14.86, stakes remain at £4.66.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Monday and Tuesday Update

Monday saw three winners but despite this there was still a £10 loss for the day. Today was better with one 11/1 winner (SP was much shorter at 11/2) meaning a profitable day to the tune of £20.

Monday's Winners

15:00 Ayr GLENLUJI LAD 5.50
18:40 Windsor TIMOCRACY B365 2.25
20:30 Beverley CARNABOLA LAD 10.00

Tuesday's Winners

20:10 Bangor KING OZZY SKY 12.00

Overall the system is in profit by £29.31.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

End of week update

Saturday saw a large number of selections and three winners, including a 25/1 shot. Despite that the profit for Saturday was just over one staking point. There was no winners for today (Sunday) and a loss of around £40 occurred for the day. Here are Saturday's winners:

16:00 Ripon VULCANITE BFAIR 3.25
16:35 Ripon SAN CASSIANO STAN 26.00
14:30 Newmarket EASTERN ARIA B365 6.50

Here's the weekly overall performance stats:

System Selections Performance Update (Week 5)
Starting Balance £1,000.00
Current Balance £1,019.52
P/L +£19.52

Total Staked £2,372.23
Total Returned £2,391.75
ROI 100.82%

No. Of Bets 512
Wins 62
Lost 450
Strike Rate 12.11%

Thankfully back into profit overall after a profitable week. Although looking at it overall, five weeks in and the system is just about in profit. Seems a lot of work for little reward at present but hopefully the profitable weeks well continue and the profit can continue to build.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Quick Update

Only got time for quick update, Thursday's performance was dissapointing with only one winner whislt today's performance which much better with six winners including two double digits winners.

Thursday's Winners


Friday's Winners

14:20 Haydock SILVERTREES B365 15.00
15:45 Newbury MADHAAQ BOYLE 8.00
17:05 Nottingham JIVRY STAN 13.00
19:25 Newmarket ELNAWIN STAN 1.53
20:20 Hamilton BOLLIN FELIX STAN 4.50
20:30 Newmarket LINNENS STAR STAN 5.00

This leaves the system in profit overall of just over 350, full update at the end of the week on Sunday as always.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Plenty of midweek winners

Yesterday and today provided plenty of winners to bring system selections into profit. There was 6 winners from 15 selections on Tuesday and 1 winner from 5 selections today.

Tuesday's Winners

14:00 Beverley KATELL PPOW 11.00
15:00 Beverley SHADOWTIME B365 6.00
15:10 Brighton MISS MONEYPENNI TOTE 4.00
18:50 Musselburgh SENSEI B365 4.33
19:00 Yarmouth LORD OF THE STORM LAD 3.00
19:20 Musselburgh BOLD BIDDER STAN 1.67

Wednesday's Winner

16:30 Lingfield BENANDONNER STAN 7.50

The profit over the days totalled £83.90 and now the system is in overall profit for the first time in a while. A new bank high point hasn't yet been reached so stakes reamin at £4.66.

On a little sidenote I've updated my Big Brother betting situation on Betfair in the sidebar. I have got a little more money than I expected riding on the result of the winner (stand to lose over £1,000 if i'm wrong) but I'm confident in my bets and feel I've got the most likely winners all covered. There's always the option of further trading and I can switch more green to a desired housemate or reduce the liability on others whenever I wish. My main target is to try and make £500 come the end of the show, anything extra will be a bonus.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Back to break even

There was three winners today (two in reality since one was same selection but it was two point seleciton so i'll count it as two winners for record purposes). These winners brought the system balance to £999.34, which is probably as close to break-even as you are ever likely to get.

15:30 Ayr FRONTLINE GIRL LAD 11.00
15:30 Ayr FRONTLINE GIRL LAD 11.00
19:20 Wolves AVONVALLEY STAN 6.00

Hopefully the system can push on into profitable waters now it's seemingly overcome the mini-blip that saw the bank dip into a loss.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Espana are victorious

Well done to Spain for winning their first ever World Cup. The final itself wasn't a classic and I don't think Spain every really reached top gear but they won the tournament and probably deserved it over the Dutch on the night.

Back to system selections, there was three winners on Saturday. Had a little problem getting online today so I missed a few of the earlier selections but there was only a handful today anyway, of the two I did manage to back today neither won.

16:20 Nottingham FRANK STREET STAN 4.33
19:20 Salisbury MEASURING TIME TOTE 10.00
19:00 Hamilton HAAJES STAN 5.00

and here's the weekly update on performance, still in overall loss but a profitable week nonetheless.

System Selections Performance Update (Week 4)
Starting Balance £1,000.00
Current Balance £943.42
P/L -£56.58

Total Staked £1,710.51
Total Returned £1,653.95
ROI 96.69%

No. Of Bets 373
Wins 42
Lost 331
Strike Rate 11.26%

Despite this being at a slight loss my overall profit figure has blasted through the £3,00o profit mark for the year and the first few weeks in July have been really good. The World Cup's over now and I can focus fully on the horse racing until the new Prmeiership season begins in August.

Friday, 9 July 2010

A busy day

Plenty of racing, which obvious presents the opportunity for greater profit but also means a heavier workload. I operate a decent number of systems and on a busy racing day (most Saturdays) it can take anything upto three hours to sort of all my selections. I'm just a part-time punter at present but it just goes to show that making a lving from gambling would indeed be very time-consuming. My ultimate aim is to expand and become a full-time or "professional" gambler as it is often called, this would obviously take up more time but it would probably be less hours than your average job. I've also got to step back sometimes and realise that despite all the hard-work I still throughly enjoy the thrill of an horse race or the drama of a football match. That is why it is my ultimate aim to be making a living from betting on these two sports which I hold in the highest regard.

Back to the day in question, there was plenty of system selections and a few decent priced-winner. But despite these winners there was a small overall loss for the day of one staking point.

16:20 Newmarket MEMEN CORAL 15.00
19:35 Chepstow OLYNARD B365 7.00

Elsewhere my horse racing laying system has been doing really well over the last week or so and July has been a really good month thus far.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Another profitable day

Just the six selections for today but one winner at 8/1 ensured another profitable day to the tune of £14.08.

15:45 Newmarket CASUAL GLIMPSE WHILL 9.00

The system is still in overall loss but by only £33 now. Also had a good day elsewhere with other horse racing selections performing well, so a good day on the betting front. I've also updated my Big Brother betting situation in the sidebar, confident of netting a decent profit come the end of the show.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Just what was needed

Indeed today's results was just what was needed, after a poor week last week and a slow start to this week. The system selections came to life today with three double-figure winners netting a nice profit for the day of £115.

13:30 Newmarket FOLLY BRIDGE B365 13.00
14:00 Newmarket FIREBACK BFAIR 14.07
19:40 Worcester DREAMWALK TOTE 12.00

This brings the overall bank upto £953.52 and the loss has been reduced significantly to £46.48 now. Still a overall loss but a much better position than before today's highly profitable day. With any forms of betting especially systemtic betting you've got to learn to accecpt there's going to be losing runs, which is obviously frustrating but you've got to remember the long-term view. I mentioned a good day was likely to come around eventually and that turned out to be today. Another few days like this and the system will be back in clear profit, I'm confident this will happen.

Also a sidenote on the World Cup, Holland and Spian will contest the final on Sunday. Decided to end my betting on the tournament after the quarter finals because I'm running at a 3.7pt loss to 1pt level stakes. I will however return with my Premiership picks from August which I have a lot more confidence in than my World Cup picks that didn't do so well.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Poor run continues

Unfortunately the poor run of form for the system selections continues. Had 11 selections over the past two days with just one winner at 11/2.

18:40 Windsor       PIAZZA SAN PETRO    PPOW      6.50

Thankfully a number of other systems I follow are performing will to compensate slightly. The bank as dipped by a further £28 since my last update and now stands at £838.94. Stakes remain at £4.66 per point, hopefully there's some winners just around the corner.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

End of week update

Just a quick update this week, system selections two winners over the weekend, one of Satirday and one today. This meant that it was a loss of £25 over the two days. Here's how the systme is performing overall.

System Selections Performance Update (Week 3)
Starting Balance £1,000.00
Current Balance £886.32
P/L -£133.68

Total Staked £1,305.09
Total Returned £1,171.41
ROI 89.76%

No. Of Bets 286
Wins 31
Lost 255
Strike Rate 10.84%

Obviously not going that great at present but it only takes a really good week to turn it all back again. Hopefully next week will be that really good week.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Brazil crash out and Ghana pay the penalty

Brazil made what was a bit of a shock exit, it was always going to be a close game against the Dutch but I thought the Brazlians would just edge it. After the first half their only looked like one winner, but the Dutch managed to comeback though in truth mainly thanks to some rather poor defending. The Uruguay and Ghana game was a tight affair as I expected with Ghana paying the penalty twice, missing one in the dying second of extra time and then losing out in the shootout.

Back to system selections and unfortnatley it's not going to well at the minute with just one winner over the last two days.

15:40 Yarmouth GREEK SECRET TOTE 9.00

Bank is now down to a low point of £891.95, stakes remain £4.66. The systen has had a few close things in that it has had plenty of seconds in recent days. Still highly confident it will turn things around of course.