Thursday, 7 June 2012

End of May/ Euro 2012 Preview

Quite pleased to say I ended the month of May with a non too shabby profit of £469.29. Although it came at a bit of a cost as a couple of my bookmakers accounts got shut down. Presumably because I was taking odds just before they where cut. Might have been foolish of me to be so obvious, but I had been limited with both bookmakers previous so having my accounts closed completely wasn't a total surprise, despite me hardly turning a profit with either. This means my cumulative loss for the year is back down to just over £100. I hope a decent June could see me back in the black for the year.

My main point of the update was to give a run down of my pre-tournament bets for Euro 2012. Whilst I do take betting seriously mostly I do like an occasional fun bet know and again. Although I still try and only bet on things I think are value. These long-term tournament bets are always a bit hard to judge though mainly because the tournament only involves an handful of game for each team and an element of luck undoubtedly comes into it.

Outright Winner
For me and for many others I'm sure, the two stand out candidates are Spain & Germany. Both come into the campaign with 100% records during qualification. I lean towards favoring the Germans for the tournament, because I feel they have a more rounded team than the Spaniards and in my opinion Germany where the outstanding team in the last World Cup but came up narrowly short against Spain on that occasion. Always worth covering yourself with a potential dark house and I think Poland could be that in this tournament. Home advantage of course and as easy a group as they could have wished for. I expect them to qualify for the quarter-finals although I admit it would be something of a surprise to see them progress further, but by no means impossible and at their current odds worth a speculative punt.

Recommended Bets:
2pts on Germany @ 4.5 (Betfair)
1/2pt on Poland @ 51 (Various)

Top Goalscorers
Again the top goalscorer market is always a bit of a lottery and I don't really think there's one outstanding candidate for it this year. Given that Germany will probably rotate Klose and Gomez in the lone-role upfront, Spain without their top striker in David Villa. Whilst both Van Persie & Ronaldo seem a bit short considering their countries are in the "Group of Death". Therefore I've just gone for a few more speculative punts, although should Germany go all the way I'd fancy one of my two German selections to be thereabouts for the Golden Boot.

Recommended Bets:
1pt on Thomas Muller @ 34 (Betfair)
1pt on Lukas Podolski @ 38 (Betfair)
1pt on Andrei Arshavin @ 126 (Coral)
1pt on Wesley Sneijder @ 74 (Betfair)
1pt on Ztlan Ibrahimovic @  51 (Various)