Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Lost Soul Returns

I shamefully have abandoned this blog for a long-time now. I kept meaning to update but never got round to it. I think I need to take a leaf out of Jim Carrey's character in Yes Man and start doing things instead of waiting for something to happen. Being a more pro-active person is definitely something I want and probably need to be.

One of the main reasons I never got round to updating is the simple fact I don't have much to say anymore, or least not stuff that I've mentioned several times in my blog before. Maybe I was foolish thinking gambling was easy way to make money. My logic says I believe that it is very difficult to make money gambling but deep down maybe I've always, maybe still do believe that there is a way to come out a winner.

I now operate no horse racing systems and I'm not tied to any sort of betting on daily basis. I still tried and failed throughout much of March to try and trade once again. I re-read a book or two on the subject and thought maybe this time I could make it work. But my same old mistakes reared it's head. I've read all about the psychology and the sort of mindset needed to trade successfully. Although understanding what is needed and actually implementing it is two different things completely. I still remain bouncing back and forth between idea, one day I want to try my hardest at poker (that's took a bit of a dip recently) and the next I want to be a trader once again.

I've always been an indecisive sort of person and my mind is all over the place at present. I've taken a few steps back from gambling of late and now spend a lot less time thinking on gambling activities. On a personal note my whole life is just one big frustration at present I can't find a job anywhere, struggle to even get interviews. Tough economic times I know, but I think I'm a bright enough individual to do a very good job at anything I put my mind too. (well if you don't count gambling that is). I should probably feel guilty for spending what is effectively tax-payers money on my silly gambling dreams, but then again I spend very little money elsewhere and I'm sure other people waste money just as badly as I have.

I was contemplating this being my last post on this blog. It would be nice to see a blog finish with a definite ending. Too many blogs I've read just end abruptly and you never know what has happened to the blog poster. Probably just made a mega-mistake and doesn't want to face the punishment of reciting this in words. I'm somewhat the opposite I find typing my thoughts into words is cleansing and makes me feel better for some reason. For that alone I think I would find it difficult to stop this blog today. Although I do fear the time to let go of my gambling fantasies is quickly approaching. But it's been so ingrained in me for the four years now that it even when I've recently took a full week away it felt somewhat weird not to be thinking or hatching plans about my gambling pursuits.

One quick final note on the Grand National, I always hate how the animal activist always rear their heads every time the Grand National comes around. The truth of the matter is horse racing is sport where animals are bred specifically for racing, yes it's true all national hunt racing carry an added element of danger and horses will sadly get hurt and die. But isn't it the added amount of danger that makes The Grand National what it is. Modern day society seems to want to take the danger out of everything. Anyway it was a fantastic finish (one of the best I've ever seen), chuffed for Neptune Collognes always been a big fan of the horse and probably would have won a Gold Cup sometime but not the dominance of Kauto Star and Denman.

Pipped at the post